Durotuf® solid polycarbonate flat sheets represents a superior glazing solution, particularly when safety or security is of vital importance. With a range including both standard and UV protected options, the material may be chosen to match the exact requirements of each glazing application.



Excellent Optical Clarity

Clear sheet has excellent optical clarit ysuitable for a wide range of applications. Also provides light transmissions of up to 92%.


Fire Resistant

Self extinguishing, stops the spread of flame and excellent fire resistant properties.


Easy to Fabricate

Sheet can easily be cold curved on site.


99% UV Protection

Lets the light in while protecting your from harmful UV rays. Protects you from 99.9% of harmful UV radiation.



Multilite polycarbonate weighs half the weight of plate glass, making handling and installation ultimately more convenient.


Energy Saving

Use natural lighting


Impact Resistance


10 Year Guarantee


colour options

Clear, Opal, Bronze



Range: Thicknesses: 3mm-10mm
Sheet sizes: Width up to 2050mm
Finish: Gloss


• General glazing
• Roofing
• Safety glazing
• Protective screening
• Visors and fabrication for interior and exterior uses
• Riot shield
• Machine shields
• Window replacements